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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


What a day we had today - we now have enough fish for the fish fry when everyone comes to visit.  We started out at 7am and it was cold.  You could see your breath!!  Joanne and I huddled under a blanket while we headed to our spot.  Right off the bat at a "secret spot" we got 4 fish.  Mitch got a beautiful walleye and then a few nice bass.  We headed up river and got a few more - 12 by the time the fishing trip was called.  And nice ones to boot.  I got a nice walleye and a nice bass plus a few more spunky ones.  Boy they put up a good fight.  Rejean cleaned them all and I washed them off and will freeze them til everyone gets here.
The kids are in the air as I type this.  On their way from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow then on to Toronto then the Sault and then here!!!  Let the fun begin!!!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW ! Hope you are surviving all the fun.