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Friday, September 30, 2016


The weather looked good so Rick,  Rejean and I headed north to do some bird hunting.  We left Tuesday morning and by the time we got all set up and had an early dinner we were out on the trails late afternoon and managed to get two.  It is not as busy during the week so we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.  And you couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was a bit nippy heading out at 7:30am but the sun quickly warmed things up and by afternoon, it was beautiful.  Altogether we got 14 birds total - 8 white birds and 6 "black" birds which are spruce hens.  They have a livery taste to them which I don't mind.  We have to send some white birds home with Rick for Rejean's Mom who wants some.  And after cleaning them today, I must say that we are all pretty good shots.  Not too many pellets in the breast meat.  And I think only one bird was missed.
Along the trail after dinner we encountered a Barred Owl who flew with us for a distance down the trail.  He kept flying ahead of us and was quite upset when we followed him.  He was getting a bit tired so he didn't fly away before we got to where he was.  I managed to get a picture of him before he took off.  I was thinking I should put my helmet back on in case he attacked but eventually he flew off into the bush.  And in our travels yesterday I got a shot of that beautiful creature on top of a tree - my camera certainly takes good zoom shots!!  I think it is a Swainson"s Hawk but if you think it is something else please let me know.  And we encountered the little chipmunk that didn't seem to mind eating his treat right by us as we took a break.  And look how hot it was in camp!!!!  Stupid thermometer never gives the right temperature in the sun.
The picture of the guys on the road each holding a bird is actually Reagan's double header - I spotted them and he got both of them with two quick shots.  He's good.
And the last picture is for Joanne to show her how pretty the Tamaracks are right now - spotted this one on the trail and thought of her.
I had fun!!

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Anonymous said...

We need that SUN down here , we are under water