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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


One thing that happens up here is the Northern Lights.  I have lived up here full time going on 11 years and have never seen them like the other night.  AND as a bonus, Steve was up here to enjoy it as well - and being the amazing photographer  he is, he got it on film.  We were enjoying a campfire with Steve and his friends and had just finished discussing the Northern Lights.  I said I had given everyone around here a standing order if they saw the Lights - no matter what time - to give me a call.  Roger and Ute called to say they were out.  It was amazing.  To see the sky lite up and moving!!  It was as tho there were spotlights lighting up the northern sky.  Waves of white brightness.  We headed down to the road where there was a better view.  Steve got his camera out and took these pictures.  And because he knows how to set the shutter speed, we got to see the true colours  of the Northern Lights.  And he got the Milky Way in as well.  The night skies around here are breathtaking and Steve has managed to capture the beauty of our Northern Skies.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.
Awesome pictures Steve !