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Friday, September 9, 2016


The days are getting shorter and the hot hot days are gone.  When the weather changes you do take advantage of a nice day so we got the Band back together and got in a little kayaking on the river again.  Mitch kind of Macgyver'd his kayak to make it a little more comfortable for his physique - it seemed to work.
My fishing rod of choice today was an ice fishing rod with a small regular reel and I used a hook and a worm and splitshot.  Last time I do because the split shot kept falling down the last eye and I had to adjust it a lot of the time.  The river was low and I misjudged how long it would take me to paddle over to  the far shore to go down a set of small rapids.  I bottomed out and I had to stand up and step into the water a couple of times.  Too far to "jerk off" the rocks (kayak talk - nothing dirty).  There was a good stretch that had big rock faces so Joanne tucked in there to fish a hole.  It was kind of windy so hard to remain in one place without too much effort.
We have a Go-Pro now so I will read up on how to get a video on this Blog to let you see the action photos.  Rejean wore it on his hat for the river run.  Fun to watch.

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