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Friday, September 9, 2016


My friends John and Linda looked out of their window in beautiful downtown Thessalon today and saw this little guy walking around.  It is just this year's cub - not big at all - and he probably lost his mother.  But not the kind of animal you want wandering around in a residential neighbourhood.  There has been others that are bigger around town for the past couple of weeks including one that was chased up a tree by a local cat.
There aren't a lot of berries in the bush this year and the nights have been getting colder so they have been preparing for hibernation with not a lot to eat.  They can smell the BBQs and  garbage so that is what has brought them into town.  One was shot in Sudbury the other day in someone's back yard - there was an apple tree there so he was just feeding.
I just hope this little guy realizes he belongs in the bush and not in town.

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