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Sunday, December 4, 2016


It was a social event at the dump yesterday.  There were piles of brush that were to be burned so they decided to make it a social gathering and provide hot dogs and a big bon fire to all those who dropped by.  It was a great day for it - hardly any wind and just at about 0 degrees C.  Due to the presence of fire, the Wharncliffe Fire Team were represented by a few of the volunteer fire men.  Brian manned the BBQ and you couldn't have chosen a better cook.  He had a way with those dogs.  He was constantly turning them and placing them in different areas of the BBQ and they turned out just fine.  There was never a long wait for the dogs.
We had a great time.  And when it got a bit cool I wandered as close to the fire as I could to warm up. I was looking around for a long poker because when there is a fire, I am the first one in there stirring it up and making sure it doesn't go out.  But I soon realized I was out of my league and left the fire tending to the professionals.
We had a great time.  Met the new lady in the neighbourhood - Julie - who raises Irish Wolfhounds!!  Diane and I are going to go over to see the puppies in January when one of the dogs has puppies.  Don't worry - an Irish Wolfhound is a little big for me but I bet the puppies are cute.

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