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Thursday, December 8, 2016


We were invited over to John and Linda's house for dinner last Tuesday - chicken wings, french fries and devilled eggs and coleslaw.  Delicious.  She had an assortment of sauces for them but my favourite was TBQ's sauce which had a wee kick to it.  Doug couldn't wait for the rest of us to sit down but we made him get up so I could get the second picture.  We all had our fill plus desert of jello (my fav) and pumpkin pie with cool whip.  It was a treacherous ride home from the dinner.  The blowing snow made it almost impossible to see the road.  Thank goodness there was very little traffic and I was driving.  We all made it home safe.

And today was the Christmas edition of the Ladies Luncheon which was held at the 17 Restaurant in beautiful downtown Blind River.  It was a full house of 18 ladies from our area.  Everyone brought a gift costing no more than 10 dollars and then everyone picked a number.  I picked 19!!!  There was only 18 of us.  I figured it was going to be a long wait.  But in the end I got a much appreciated $10 Tim Horton gift card which I used already for $6.00 - Linda and I stopped there and got a bagel for me and a coffee and fritter for her and one for Rejean.  It is so nice to get together with all the other ladies in the area.  Just to touch base and see how everyone is doing and how their summers went.  
AND the food was excellent and the service even better.  We sometimes have a problem with establishments in the area accommodating such a large group.  But no problems here.  I highly recommend this restaurant - great fish and chips and home made bread.  I had a big bowl of beef barley soup and a poutine to go for Reagan's dinner.

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