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Saturday, December 10, 2016


We helped our friends move today - well it wasn't really a big move - we just moved a bunch of boxes and some furniture and lots and lots of books!!  But there was lots of help so we only had to make one trip.  It is a beautiful home - lots of exposed wood and big rooms!  We put the beer on ice outside so it would be cold when we were finished working and Ute and Roger provided enough sandwiches to feed a small Italian village - catered by KP's - who have just taken over the old Sinton tavern.  Roger got the wood stove fired up but with all the beautiful windows overlooking the lake and the sun shining in it really wasn't needed but I love the heat from the wood stoves so I was assuming my favourite position standing right in front of it enjoying the heat.  The guys were walking around listening to Roger's vision of what they want to do to the house once they get settled.
It is a beautiful home and I am sure they will be very happy.

ps - there is a hot tub in the back yard that I want to try once they have it up and running

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