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Thursday, December 15, 2011


We finished the pine and mouldings today - a full 2 days ahead of what we had projected.  And it looks great, if I do say so myself.  Rejean put one full moulding on top (altho it has a rosette in the middle - we didn't have a piece of pine that long so we had to break it up.  The window mouldings come down from the one long one - kind of keeps the set of windows in a group and the small door also has the same design altho there is one 3 sets coming from it.  I do have a bit of input into the design but the majority is Rejean's amazing mind at work.  He liked the ledges under the windows and he designed the mouldings himself - he has a jointer and a planer and we had all the pine from a few years ago when he and a couple of friends cut some trees down and had the logs milled on site.  Lots of oak and lots of pine left.  My job is to finish the boards and moldings and fill in the nail holes with the putty.   And to hold boards in place while he measures, cuts, measures, nails, measures, hold to see how it looks.  And it does look fine.
Now we can concentrate on the holidays coming up...
See Ya Bye 

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