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Thursday, December 1, 2011


We do!!  We were watching Canada AM and they did a segment on great techy gifts for under $50 and one of the items was the MicroSoft LifeCam HD3000 for $34.99 so, when we were in the Sault the other day, we picked one up at Future Shop.  Jodie had been after Rejean to get one and Joanne and Mitch have one (as you can see above)and I know Stacey and Andrew have the technology, so after it was installed last nite, we called Jodie and Dave and had a great visit (I now know you should have a cocktail in hand during one of these chats - Dave had a Guinness and Jodie had a beer - we were beveregeless but I made sure we had a beer going for the next chat with Joanne and Mitch).  I also know that we need another chair in the computer room if we are going to both talk - I was squatting down and after 1/2 hour, it gets a bit tough.  AND you have to be wearing the correct clothes, have combed your hair, cleaned your house in the area in front of the screen that can be seen on Skype etc. etc.  Probably after a few more usages, I will let those rules slide a bit - except the clothing ones.
It was money well spent - we had a lot of fun for just a little bit of money...I recommend it.
See Ya Bye

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