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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It  has been pretty cold and we really haven't had a lot of snow - and our lake has frozen over 3 times.  Right now the whole lake is frozen and smooth as, well, ice!!  John and Linda were over yesterday and John tried to walk on it (he is our indicator that it is safe to go out on the ice - he is the first to try the ice).  It cracked as soon as he set foot on it - he held on to our dock.  But that was yesterday and it was really cold last nite so today  I tried it.  I got out to about 4 feet from shore hanging on to the dock and I chickened out to go any further.  Rejean was inside and I don't think he would have heard me YELL.  I wish it was safe because you would be able to skate all over the lake on the smooth ice.  That would be fun!!!  Once it snows, it is never the same.  It goes mush or bumpy - now would be the perfect time to really freeze deep.  I'll cross my fingers it lasts...
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