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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


No, not those Hooters ;o)  The bird kind.  Last nite Ute, Mary, Ginny and myself went owling.  We were out counting owls.  Which is kind of strange because I can't hear owls.  Must be a pitch or tone that I can't distinguish.  We drove up the highway close to where the fires were then made 10 stops at designated places along the way.  We played a tape of owl calls lasting about 10 or 15 minutes and listened for owls calling back.  I had a Bionic Ear, a listening device that enabled me to hear even the most tiniest sound.  At stop 3 we heard about 3 owls calling back and they were flying closer to us.  The moon was bright last nite so we were able to see the owl flying over us to take a look.  One of the most exciting experiences I have ever had.  We heard more owls on the last stop - they kind of sounded like they were laughing at us.  I will definitely be available next year for the owl count - I had a riot.  And they said it was one of the best years ever - glad I was a part of it.  Even if we hadn't heard any owls, just being out and seeing the moon and stars and hearing the silence, it was worth it.
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Anonymous said...

Bionic Ear, when did you get that?