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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Boots was around a little earlier today and he got his treats - he then went to his usual spot and lay down for a sleep.  All of a sudden, he lay his body flat on the ground and was watching my little red squirrel - the one that has been around all winter long, feeding on the black oil sunflower seeds that I allow him/her to eat.  I saw the squirrel come onto the veranda on his/her way to the feeder for his snack.  I have seen Boots try to get the squirrel before and fail so I wasn't too concerned for his safety.  Boots made his move and before I knew what had happened, Boots had the little guy in his mouth on the septic bed.  I think death was instantaneous.  Booth was picking him up and putting him down for a while then brought him up to the garden and just lay there with the squirrel in his mouth (top photo) for a few minutes.  He then got up and walked along the path to Stacey and Andrew's place - hopefully he didn't bury the squirrel where Sadie will find it when she comes up.  My guess is that that squirrel is dinner tonite.
I feel bad about the squirrel because he/she had been around all winter and I liked to watch him but that is what happens in nature.  Boots is a carnivore and the squirrel is part of his diet.
It was neat to watch the process.
See Ya Bye

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