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Monday, November 12, 2012


St Pete Beach - Part 1
Poor Joanne had to wait on a plane in Calgary for over 6 hours - they were fogged in - they only fed them water and crackers and would not let them off the plane.  I think there is a law against that!!  She finally arrived at the hotel at 11:15 pm instead of 4:30 pm but boy did we make up for that lost time.
The first picture is of one of the many beautiful sunsets we experienced at the beach - I like the helicopter flying thru my picture.
The next one is of (from the left) Joanne, Deb and Susan walking to breakfast along the beach the first morning (I think)  It was a beautiful morning.
The next one is of Susan and her treasure - she likes to look for shells and we buy one and plant it for her to find.  She falls for it every year - this year we planted a star fish for her to find and even some people walking by were impressed at her find.  And Deb likes to look for shells too so we got her on one of our walks.  I also got 2 identical prickly shells for them to find.  That's my shadow taking the picture.
The next picture is of Susan being serenaded by a member of a Motown Band at Sea Hags on Tuesday nite.  They were great and we were dancing all nite long - I was fuelled by the Sea Hag Brew which was delicious.  I think I ordered too many ;oP  I highly recommend this bar if you are ever in the neighbourhood.  We took the free beach taxi there and back so no one had to drive.  We were safe.

part 2 tomorrow...too much fun to pack into one blog

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