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Thursday, November 29, 2012


...did you?
Linda and I went to the states yesterday and I bought a Power Ball ticket - the pot was then at $500,000,000 - I think that's enough 0s.  Five hundred million dollars!!  That's a lot of money!!!  I think the pot ended up at something like $587,500,000.  But boy did I feel good as soon as that ticket was in my hand.  I had a chance!!  My mind wandered everywhere.  I would probably end up with at least $225,000,000 by the time the US taxes were paid (but could I, as a Canadian citizen, then apply to get back those taxes?  Just asking.)  How would I split it up between the families - and friends for that matter.  I would for sure have to get a good lawyer to guide me in the legalities of that.  Maybe set up some trust funds to pay everyone's daily, monthly and yearly expenses.  Linda also had a ticket so we were finding out what each of us would do for the other - you really know who your friends are when moolagh is involved.
There were 2 winning tickets and mine was not one of them - but I can't wait to find out who did win.
I only had one ticket that cost $2.00 - I don't make it a habit of buying lottery tickets but I do buy the Lotto Max when it gets to be $50,000,000.  I figure it is a 50/50 chance - either you win or you don't.
But it sure was fun dreaming about winning.

Friday nite is the MoonLight Madness in downtown Thessalon.  All the stores will be open till 11pm.  We are going to hit the Legion for their fish fry, leave the guys playing shuffleboard while the ladies shop.  There is also some good hockey games at the arena and an Art show at Beggs Funeral Home - Local artist, Sheila Curry, will have some of her art and some of her student's art on display.  Last year they also had a bon fire in a field off the Main Street and carollers and hot chocolate.  I think some of the Thessalon Fire Department may be on hand to tend to the fire.  Always nice to see the firefighters!!

Should be fun - See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

so sorry you didn't win cause i know i was in line for a little if you won-have fun in thessalon tonite-you should still have some snow?=ss