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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ready for more?  The first picture is of the girls at Sea Critters which has the best tomato bisque in the  world - served with a dollop of crab  on top.  And the best margaritas served at Happy Hour I must say.
The next is of another sunset - the sky stayed that color for quite a while - beautiful.
The next is of Deb being a pirate in one of the stores along the way - we were almost asked to leave and were followed around the store by the employees - I don't know why...
Tuesday it rained so we rented a car - Chrysler 200 - and hit the malls.  My suitcase was a little heavier when I packed to go home ;o)
The next picture is of our friends Roger and Sherry - they were there last year and again this year.  They kind of adopted us - worrying if we made it home at nite and if we behaved ourselves.  Every afternoon they would take their bottle of wine and head on down to the chaises and watch the sunsets.
We all enjoyed their company and hope to see them again next year.  Maybe we can talk them into coming out with us one nite...
And the final picture is of "the girls" on their last morning trying to drink as much of the booze as they can before they leave - after all, it was 4 o'clock somewhere...

How many more sleeps until next year?

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Anonymous said...

around 350 sleeps