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Thursday, February 7, 2013


I don't think they were calling for this much snow today.  It has not stopped all day - a nice steady fluffy snow.  We will be blowing snow tomorrow for sure.  But I rather like it - it is a normal winter - snowy and cold. The highways are in good condition - you just have to be careful and know how to drive in it.  The other day I found myself behind a snow plow - I stayed a good distance from it because it was just in a cloud of snow and when the big logging trucks passed us, I couldn't see a thing for what seemed a long time.  I had my 4 ways on and just hoped that no one was trying to pass the truck and couldn't see me or coming up fast behind me.  But I made it.  The price you pay for living in paradise.

See Ya Bye

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Meagan Beavers said...

So beautiful.