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Monday, February 4, 2013


...and what a partay it was.  The top picture is of Bob's party garage before everyone got there.  Actually John and Linda were there before us, having arrived via their snow machine as did John G and his company.  John G and his gang are in for a week and plan on doing a lot of snowmobiling in our beautiful snow.  They were racing around the lake before they came over.
Bob does have the perfect venue for all our Super Bowl and New Year's Eve parties.  It is big enough to hold all of us plus his pool table comes in handy at times as you can see from the 3rd picture down.  Just for old times sake, Linda is on the pool table - again.  As you recall from my blog a couple of years ago at an earlier Super Bowl party, Linda and I were bombed, thru no fault of our own (remember Jim and Roger?) and Linda ended up on the pool table being taken advantage of and I couldn't come to her rescue because I was just as bombed.  She is re-enacting that evening's events.
There is a picture of the birthday people.  Moi, Bob (whose birthday is the same day as mine - the 3rd - he is older than me) and Mary, whose birthday is later in the month but was celebrated yesterday.
It was a pot luck.  John G made a delicious venison chili, there was lasagna, pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, chicken wings, shrimp, veggies and for desert, rice krispie squares and I made cupcakes.  And you can't forget Diane's rice pudding.
AND my team won.  I was the only one cheering (other for the Ravens were a little quiet or maybe I was out cheering them - I do get loud.  I didn't win the Trading Post pool - Bob, John S, Keith and Cathy won $75 each and some other people won the $50 prizes.
It was a very good day.

ps - Keith at the Trading Post turns 60 on Saturday February 9th - just letting you know.

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Meagan Beavers said...

Axe Lake is the place to be!