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Thursday, September 19, 2013


We headed up to Hinkler on Monday to try our luck with the birds.  Monday turned out to be very lucky for me.  It was my 30th wedding anniversary and I got 3 birds!!  We have a system - first Rejean is in the lead looking for birds and I follow behind on my bike.  When he spots one, he stops and signals me - never taking his eyes off the birds.  I get off my bike, load up and hopefully get the bird.  Once you take your eyes off them, they disappear completely!!  My 3 birds were all in one spot and I got them with 3 shots.  Then I am in the lead spotting for Rejean.  It works out just fine.  We finished our hunt with 10 birds - we gave Ron and Mary 5 because we ate their 5 birds as appetizers on Wednesday nite.  Delish!!
The 3rd picture is of our breakfast table at our camp and our outside kitchen in the background.  It was warm enough to still eat outside.  The last picture is of a bridge we had to cross on one of the trails up there - the first picture is also of a great view coming out of the bush on another trail.  Even if we don't get anything,  just riding all day on the 4 wheelers up there is a thrill.
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