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Monday, September 9, 2013


It's getting to be that time of year again - when our thoughts turn to what I am going to feed the hunters when I get back from Florida and this year I have to get their new change room ready for them.  Now that the downstairs is all finished with a real floor instead of cement and the rafters are now covered with a beautiful ceiling, there will be nowhere to hang their damp, smelly (sorry guys) hunting clothes and boots.  It was decided that they will change in the finishing room in the garage.  We can heat it so their clothes will dry and they can get it as dirty as they want.  But we had to clean it up a bit.  There were still boxes from our move from Windsor 8 years ago.  Plus we had 2 Ikea bookcases from Stacey and Andrew I wanted to install to house all of our magazines (Wood, Fine Homebuilding, Cottage Life plus an assortment of other woodworking issues).  We worked on it today and we have a load for the dump and the store at the dump for Wednesday.
This is the room where I finish all the wood that we used for the downstairs - you can just see the drying racks on the left.  Now that it is organized, I will be good to go for the wood we will be using for the new bar and stairs we will be working on this winter.  Projects...

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