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Saturday, September 21, 2013


The leaves around here start turning in mid August.  We returned from Hinkler on Sunday and the changes in the colors was amazing in just those few short 4 days.  It seems to be best around our little area of the highway but the rest of the trees and bushes are in transition.  The Vintage Car Rally takes place at the Wharncliffe Hall this Saturday so if you are in the neighbourhood be sure to drop by.  There are some pretty sharp cars and trucks on display.  They leave from Thessalon in the morning and make their way up 129 and stop for lunch at the Hall.  From there they head north to Lafoe and then back to Thessalon.  It is quite the parade!!
This is my favourite time of year - the sunny cool days and cold nites - we will probably have our first fire in the house shortly.  Thank goodness we are all set in that department.  And I have all my turtlenecks out and ready to be worn ;o)

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Meagan Beavers said...

I was so disappointed to not see those beautiful colors when I was up a couple of weeks ago. I usually time it right, this year your summer was a bit longer than I expected and I lost out on seeing those beauti maples. Great photos!