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Monday, September 2, 2013


It was supposed to be a quick trip to Hinkler to clean up the camp in preparation of bird season which starts September 15th, but it turned into a little more than that.  We left Thursday morning and we came home Sunday evening - Ron and Mary stayed another day.  We went blue berry picking one day.  I have never done that before.  Up here, everyone goes berry picking.  Tim told us of a spot and off we went - all in Ron's new machine.  It seats 3 in the front and I got to ride in the back - they had cushions all set up for me and I was very comfortable.  I had a neat view of the road behind us.  We arrived at the spot and I was shocked at the lushness (is that a word) of the berries available to be picked.  They were the size of grapes!!!  There were millions of them and we got there before the bears to boot.  Between the 4 of us we filled our containers in no time.  They are cleaned and I have a few packages of fresh picked blue berries in my freezer.
We went fishing one day and did great!!  The first time we were out back in June, we really didn't know the lake well so we were just exploring.  This time, I thought a spot looked like it might be good and we hit the proverbial honey hole.  We kept about 10 bass and released a few more.  And everyone caught fish which is always nice.  And bass are so much fun to catch.  We went fishing another day and got some walleye (I got a very nice one) and more bass.  All I ever use is a hook (with the barb pushed down) a worm and split shot.  I push the barb down so it is easier for me to get the fish off and I don't hurt them too much.  And I always keep a tight line so I don't loose them.
Can't wait to get back!!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like fresh wild blue berries. Will make awesome pie or muffins.