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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


As if we hadn't had enough rain, we got more the other nite.  It was quite the storm - constant lightning and thunder and a steady downpour all nite long - but nothing like they got in Thessalon and the Sault.  I read in Kim's facebook that morning that they had blocked traffic on 17 and were diverting because of washouts.  It was blocked between Thessalon and Iron Bridge due to a washout by the old golf course. And when that happens the traffic is pretty heavy on old 129.  I started noticing the ditches and swamps were pretty full but the full impact wasn't noticed until I got to the Little Rapids cutoff and the property where the museums are was all under water - it looked like a lake and you could see that the buildings were surrounded by water.  A home further up the road that had a horse coral beside it was all under water.  The road next to it was blocked by a truck and the road was under water.  The Thessalon River looked like the Mississagi in the spring.  And, unfortunately, a local man was killed when his motorcycle crashed into a sink hole that was filled with water.
There will be a big cleanup once the water recedes...

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