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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


We have been doing a lot of fishing with Rick here - as I say the only time we fish is when we have company.  We are too busy otherwise.  We hit a lake that has Brooke Trout in it but never got even a nibble - just a few snags.  It was a beautiful morning so it wasn't a total washout.  Rick and I fished the river one night and got 2 bass.  We each got one which makes it even better.  We forgot our walking sticks so it was a little tricky walking in the water.
On one of our drives we noticed a pile of wood chips left in a pile at the side of the road - actually there was piles of finer chips and even piles of gravel.  We were interested in the larger chips - probably left behind by one of the chip trucks that travel the highway and stopped to sweep out the trailer.  We took our trailer and loaded it up and put them on the trail between our house and Stacey and Andrew's.  Looks great!!

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