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Sunday, May 17, 2015


I have neglected to post pictures of the new double blind and was reminded of that fact this morning so here it is.  It is big enough for Mitch to stand up straight in and wide enough for 2 hunters with room to spare.  It has windows that open, camo curtains, fixture for the heater and hooks for clothing.  There will be shelves installed shortly to hold all the stuff the hunters need.  It has been a group effort - Rejean built the walls and floor and roof in our garage, Mitch helped paint it when he was here and Barry and Ed transported the structure to the site that was prepared by Rejean and myself.  We still have to get flooring for it - it has been decided they will be those spongy squares that join together - it will keep the noise down and insulate the floor during the cold November days of the hunt.

A good joint effort by all involved.  Happy Hunting!!!

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