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Saturday, May 9, 2015


I was downstairs to tidy up in case we had company for the Montreal game tonite and just happened to look out the window to see this guy wandering around - probably smelled our BBQ where we had just cooked some burgers.  I yelled for the guys upstairs and by the time I got my camera these were the only shots I could get and the last one is him walking across the beaver dam to the other side of the bay.  He was a lot closer - even almost on the cement - I got him walking away after he heard us.  It could be Slick - the bear that is wandering around the area - he has been spotted at a couple of camps and is becoming a bother.  But this one seemed to not want to stick around once he heard us.  Good thing - it may one day save his life.  He was a nice healthy looking bear with a beautiful brown snout and clear eyes.  Nice to see him.  Glad I was in the house….

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