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Saturday, May 9, 2015


The guys are here - Barry and Ed and they want to work.  Today we transferred some wood from the other property to my wood shed and they would not stop until it was done.  Saved us a ton of work.  We had a chain going - Barry handed the wood to me from the trailer,  then I handed it to Ed who handed it off to Rejean who was stacking it in the wood shed.  Made quick work of a tedious job.  And it is nice to see the wood shed 90% full.  Thanks guys!!!  Tomorrow - trails!!

The top picture is of a hawk that was out back this morning - my camera took this picture thru the screen so it is not as clear as I would have wanted it.  He looked around for about 5 minutes then swooped down next to the stream and probably got a frog or mouse.  Neat to see!!

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