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Monday, August 17, 2015


We had out going away party for Ron and Mary last nite.  Dinner was at the OutPost Lodge up the highway.  Pork roast on a bed of rice, ratatouille, cole slaw, home made rolls and for desert - chocolate eclairs!!   So delicious!!  Anne and Jim put on a good spread and our server, Gary, was kept busy handling all our requests - like more gravy please!!  I reserved the whole dining room for our party.   Cocktails on their patio first.  It was not really a surprise as I did tell them before hand that there would be other people there.  All their friends showed up including Roger and Ute, Jane and Dale, Ron and Darlene, Doug and Dianne, Linda and John, Ruby and Fred (who arrived in style in a 1975 MG) Mitch and Bruce, Ginny, Barry and Sandy, Jerry and Cheryle.  After dinner we all headed back to our place where Rick, Joan and Melina had got the camp fire going.  It was a beautiful evening - no bugs and a slight breeze to cool us down.
We will miss Ron and Mary but they will only be a road trip away!!

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