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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Mitch had us over for dinner last nite - ribs and coleslaw and potatoes - delicious!!  We got to see what he has been busy doing since Joanne left.  He made himself a nice slate pathway from the stairs of the bunkie down to the new dock.  It matches the work that Susan and Joanne did around the gang plank to the new dock.  He also finished the stairs from the garage and 3 new steps right by the dock.  He has been busy.  He had a nice fire going and I, as usual, tended it.  I swear I am a pyromaniac at heart.  I just love to poke at the fire.  He also got some round pieces that he used to create a new sitting area down by the shore.  The log in the middle is a table of course.
After dinner we were treated to a beautiful light display and a rainbow on Axe.  Nice way to end a nice day - we missed you, Joanne.


sue robinson said...

don't you miss me too????

sue robinson said...

he certainly has been busy-looks awesome!!!!!!