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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


When everything was all said and done, it was just Rick and I who got out fishing last nite.  The rain had ceased earlier in the day but we decided after dinner would be the best time to go.  It was a beautiful nite - a little warm with my long sleeve shirt on but the water was cool thru my waders.  The river was low enough for us to walk across to some rapids where we thought there might be some rainbows or brookies but alas, there wasn't any.  I got a small bass and Rick got the big bass.  There were some campers across the river who had canoed down and set up camp on some rocks.  As we left, the father and daughter were getting in some quality time with their fishing rods.  I had tried there just before on my side and didn't get anything.  I hope they had better luck.  We released Rick's big bass and headed back to the car - and a cold beer!!!!
Better luck next time...

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