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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Spent a little time fishing with the guys - Rick, Mitch and Rejean.  We all got a fish which is always a good thing - all bass.  I go off by myself to a spot further up river so I stay in touch with the walkie-talkies - it is always a treat to try and net my fish with a long rod and a trout net but I managed.  My fish jumped 4 times - it was fun.  And they were delicious!!  Rick took Melina out on our lake for some after dinner fishing last nite.  The water was like glass.  They got some bass and walleye - but release them to fight again.  Melina is getting to be a great little fisher girl!!
Going to be super hot today but there is a nice breeze that is keeping things a little cooler.  Ron and Mary's going away dinner tonite at the Outpost then back to our place for cocktails.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks a wonderful outing!