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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We have lived up here full time for almost 11 years and have never been to Gilbertson's on St. Jos Island for their maple syrup season - but this year we managed to get a visit in with John and Linda.  It is quite the industry in this area and Gilbertson's is one of the largest.  We viewed the evaporators and spoke with the owner (I think) and learned some amazing facts.  Just for example all the lines are underground and it took 3 days for some workers to tap some 40,000 spiles to collect the syrup - it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.
They have a gift shop attached to the restaurant (how convenient) that sells everything Maple.  Rejean bought us all a maple candy and my teeth still hurt from the sweetness!!  There was a 45 minute wait so we walked around outside and waited our turn.
I had one pancake (it was huge) and 2 slices of pea meal bacon.  Rejean had the french toast, scrambled eggs and 2 sausages and 2 coffees and it was $31.00 - it was good but now that I have been I won't go back.  The Legion was also having a Maple Syrup Festival so next year that is where we will go.  There are tons of places that offer their Maple Syrup Festivals and we will try and hit everyone in the next few years.

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