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Saturday, April 22, 2017


I got my baby back!!  Barry is up and he brought her back after some masterful mechanizing.  Thank you very much!
And it was a beautiful day and Joanne had asked me to check up on her place so I packed my camera and sunglasses and headed out on a solo trip to Axe.  I couldn't take the trail because I didn't know what condition it was in and I didn't want to get stuck and have to walk back for help thru the woods and bears and all.  So I took the main road which is further down the highway.  There is a trail you can hit from just down the hill from our place.  You have to drive down from the highway and it is a bit of a drop down - thrilling.  Then there are small hills up and down to get over the roads in.  It is fun and then there is a sandy area that is just made for zooming on.  The road in is a bit bumpy but expected to be as it is spring.
It was nice to get back on my little Honda.  I missed her.

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