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Friday, April 14, 2017


Another beautiful day on Cheney so time to do chores.  Rejean worked on his trim on the posts and I got the cars all pretty.
The top picture was our weather 2 days ago - hard to believe.  It was so depressing.  But the past 2 days have more than made up for it.  It was breezy and warm and sunny and the ice was going fast on the lake.  I walked down to the swim rock and there was a bass swimming around - I thought it was Jacques and quickly got some worms for him.  Well turns out is was not Jacques but he got 1 worm before I scared him with another one I threw in the water.  Jacques will turn up after the spawn.
The weather is not supposed to be nice for the next few days so that is when I will get my inside chores done.

Yesterday I got the septic bed and my garden all raked up and I had a robin there today looking for worms.  It's pretty dry so I don't think he got any.  And I am saving mine for fishing!!!!

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