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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


We helped out at the reversal dinner held at the Walkerville Brewery on Thursday evening.  We spent Thursday afternoon helping to prepare food for the 30 invited guests - a Mexican feast.  We slipped into the building at 6pm and by 7pm when the guests arrived the place had been transformed into a beautiful venue with candles twinkling on the tables set with vases of fresh daisies on wooden cookies.  There was a desert station with cupcakes and sweets made by Anne - the mother of the groom.
Anne and James served the chicken and beef enchiladas and Mexican rice and re fried beans.  I had prepared "the salad from hell" that afternoon - tons of chopping and a lime based dressing that I had to make twice.  I had a cold so nothing tasted right to me.  But in the end everyone said it was good - I will take their word for it.  Lots of snacks laid out around the room and the bar was open.
Walkerville Brewery is an amazing venue for this type of party.  The bartender (I wish I had got her name) was so friendly and helpful.  She was busy pulling drafts for everyone and served all their own craft beers.  I had seen their website and noticed a bottle of Scotch Ale with a Scotty dog on the table.  I asked for a taste and it was delicious but they were out of the bottles.  She saw how disappointed I was that I couldn't purchase one and looked around until she found a bottle for me - no charge!!!
The night was a success and everyone had a wonderful time.

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