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Thursday, May 4, 2017


We had been talking about it for a few years and decided this was the year.  It is a SunSpace modular enclosure  panels out of Toronto and we used C B Home Installations from Sault St Marie.  Jody and Kevin worked on it for two days and they did an amazing job.  We are very happy with the results.  The windows open from either side and they open and close so smoothly.  Apparently they are on wheels and there is some weight to them - very good quality.
I was worried  about the view but it is not compromised in the least.  I have my chairs and tables from last year that will fit just fine in the room - I did buy some rugs from Walmart but after seeing how long it is I may have to go buy one more.  And I want a rug at the door into the room.  I have my flowers to go in front and my solar lights - I couldn't wait for them to be placed before I took these pictures - besides, it is still too cold for my flowers yet but they are coming.
Once I get everything in place I will take a few more pictures of the finished product.

I love it!!!

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Marlene VanDerSchie said...

I love your new space! It is perfect and I bet you will be out there a lot. I always wanted this for our open porch area but am having trouble convincing my other half.....he thinks of our space as another garage stall. 😩