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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Not so itsy!!  This is a dock spider that grow so big they have meat on their legs!!!
The scientific name for this spider is Dolomites which translates into Fuc-'n Big Spider!!
They are Canada's largest spider
They don't spin webs -instead they stalk their victims and use two large fangs to inject venom, paralyzing them - just like vodka
They do spin a nursery web to protect their young
Egg sacs can hold up to 1000 baby spiders
The female dock spider will eat her mate within 20 minutes of mating!!!!
They are expert hunters - but they don't hunt humans
They catch and consume everything from insects to tadpoles and minnows - they are carnivores!!!
They dangle their legs in the water to feel vibrations as their prey approaches - the hair on their legs helps to differentiate between a leaf and lunch
Their legs are water resistant and they can walk on water - didn't say anything about running tho
They can scuba dive for up to 1/2 hours so you are not safe in the water

Just some tidbits of information about these creatures

Remember - you are never alone on the dock...

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