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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Well we got Sam and his Mom moved into his new house last weekend.  Sam is one happy fellow with his new back yard that looks onto a green space.  So many new smells and adventures are in his future.  His Mom will get a fence built right away so he can go outside without being tied up.  I think he is most happy about the grass as his old back yard wasn't really grassy.  There are tons of trails and lakes and beaches around there and lots of new friends to make.  There is a dog next door and a dog across the street he has seen. On our first little walk we saw two small dogs that barked at him from their back yard.  Sam just looked at them.  Another dog walked by when Sam was out in the front and they saw each other.  The other dog was very excited and I had to put Sam in the house so he could walk by with his Mom.
Sam's Mom is having his new house painted and soon it will be all finished including some new ceiling fans and new lights over the sink.  Sam's "grandpa and grandma" are helping too.  It is a big job for just Sam and his Mom.

Sam is very happy!!!

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