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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Wow it really is cold outside - I am sitting here with the ceramic heater on and a sweater, jeans and sox!!!
Woke up yesterday and it was raining but it soon cleared up altho it was a bit chilly. Then the rains came and - to top it off - the power went out!!
We still had to take showers to get ready for the party that afternoon - I said we can't go stinky. I had gone for my run and I needed to shower. I couldn't even iron the shirt Rejean wanted to wear - I had left everything for the last hour to do and just ran out of time. We trudged down to the garage in the rain and brought up the generator - we didn't have a lot of gas to put in it as we (read Rejean) hadn't filled up all the gas containers - we weren't prepared. And the kids were trying to sleep but he started the generator for about 15 minutes so we could get the showers etc over and done with. Rick switched his fridge over to propane just in case the outage lasted a long time. He called Hydro and they said it would be back on at 5:30pm - about 4 hours away.
Got to the party and everything was set up outside - the horseshoe games, ring toss, the gazebo etc but it was raining and cold so we sat in the garage (everyone up here has a "party garage" where people gather and this was no different. They even have a pinball machine in it but it didn't work - I figure they could have paid for the party with everyone playing a quarter a game). And - get this - the date was August 9th, 2008 and they lit the wood stove because it was so cold. But people were outside between the rain showers and they did get the bon fire lit and some people were standing around it. Games were played by the brave but us wimps were in the garage gathered around the wood stove. I wore a sweater, jeans, sox and my rain coat and I was still cold!! A good time was had by all and the food was great - we had corn from southern Ontario and was it good - it was our first corn of the season - I do miss the corn and tomatoes of Windsor. We rely on the kindness of tourists to provide us with them as the corn and tomatoes up here just aren't the same.
Today it is overcast and cold - but it is supposed to get partly sunny later on - I won't hold my breath.
The little one are having a good time - I showed them a big slug and Gavin and Malena were amazed - you touch their little tentacles and they pull them in - fun to watch. I showed Gavin Jacques and he watched me feed him. The fox was around and I let Gavin throw him a dog biscuit but Ebonie told me later she didn't want the kids feeding the fox. I can see that - they are cute and I hope they enjoy themselves - Gavin wanted to go home yesterday - he had had enough. Jake was having fun in his playpen - nice red hair!!!
Time to get back to work - no rest for the wicked.
See Ya Bye

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