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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've Been Busy

I have been hearing from my loyal readers that I am neglecting my blogging duties - guilty as charged. I have a ton of excuses but to get right down to it I have been busy. We had a ton of tourists for the past couple of weeks and Jason, Renee and Sierra are still up here. Lise and Anne were in the computer room sleeping and that is why there was nothing during that week - I couldn't kick them out of their own room just because I wanted to blog. We had Claire, Lise, Anne, Joel, Daniel, Sara and Brittney here and we had a great time. Claire wanted to come up and it just worked out that the rest of them came too. Fish were caught and eaten (we bacon wrapped the pickeral and it was d e l i c i o u s) I couldn't resist this picture of Clair all bundled up with her bug net on - it worked!!
Do you like the picture? That is the squirrel I feed in the winter (I think - all squirrels look the same to me) He was pestering Eboni and Joan when they were eating peanuts because that is what I feed them in the Winter - Eboni left the bag on the ground for a moment and when she came back he was right in the bag - the little bastard. This is his new trick - thank goodness we clean the pans before we use them - we'd all have little squirrel diseases.
There was a meeting this morning regarding the new Land Property Taxes and how they will be calculated - the letter was not clear at all and we were certain that our taxes were going up - UGH - but it turns out that they go down about $400/yr!!! Finally something in our favour.
I have to bake tomorrow - I know I know - I'll have the waivers ready for my victims to sign. But I got a good recipe from my Kraft books - a peanut butter and chocolate concoction - I will eat a few of those chocolate squares before I even start. There is a bake sale at the Post this Saturday to raise money for the Wharncliffe Hall- with it out of business this year there is no money coming in other than the usual donations. So we will hold a bake sale - Hungry???
We were coming back from town on Tuesday and up ahead I could see these two little things on the side of the road so I slowed down - it was two young raccoons just starting to cross the road - not even looking - they actually didn't see the car - I had stopped by this time and I gave a little honk - well - if you could have seen them - they both at the same time in unison jerked around to see us - their paws spread out on the ground in front of them and they both froze and the look in their eyes - we scared the sh-t out of them - they were soooo startled - they quickly turned around and ran off the road. No wonder there are so many raccoons that don't make it across the road. But I laughed all the way home - they looked so funny.
My friends from St Clair Beach - Karen and Bill are spending Saturday nite with us on their way to the Sault. We haven't seen them in two years. Should be a riot. I hope the weather is good...
I got a bit of that Wisteria scare - I had been in the Sault on Monday and I grabbed a burger from Mcdonalds on the way home. Tuesday nite during our camp fire I started to feel sick so I got up and went upstairs to the bathroom - you know when you are going to be sick from both ends? That was me for about 1/2 hour - thought I was going to die - Rejean even asked if he should take me to the hospital but I didn't think that was necessary - then I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. Wednesday I was fine as tho nothing had happened. Then all this Wisteria stuff started hitting the news with flu like symptoms being stressed. Ugh - then they discuss the meat is distributed to McDonalds!! Visions of hospitals flashed before my mind. I called the little Thessalon Hospital and they put my mind at ease - I will live. But scary isn't it?
I have more to say but I want to get outside - it's a great evening.
See Ya Bye

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