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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Good Day Fishing

Rick, Rejean and myself went to our favourite stream to fish today - get some relaxation in before the gangs come. Got out a about 11:30 am - nice and sunny but not too hot - you don't get a breeze in the stream - too much forest around you. Rejean and I went left and Ricky went right - good spots down that way - the falls are there and you can usually get a good size one in there. Rejean and I got our limit within an hour - sometimes two to a hole. Not bad sizes either. I got a big one in a smaller hole and Rejean netted it - he says that I kept pulling the fish out of the net after he had it netted but I don't remember that - only what a good fight he put up - on the ultra light rods, a fish that size pulls drag so reeling in was fun. You have to keep them away from the branches and twigs under the water - you could see some other trout come up and see what was going on - bass do this too - if one of their own is on a hook and being reeled in, other fish will swim right up to them as if to see if they think it is food or something. These are the fish that everyone one else will try and catch but you may have spooked the other fish so they won't hit anything. Again just a hook and a worm and one split shot on an ultra light rod with about 4 pound test line on it. You have to learn how to lob the bait, and not to cast it (unless you are good). You just swing the line over to where you want it to land and float down in the little rapids to the pool beneath it - fish wait there for food to float down stream to catch - they are lazy and wait for the food to come to them. It's fun to watch them dart up to the bait then swim away and realize they are caught. I enjoy it. They are soooooo good to eat. Yum Yum.
Well that's it for now - going to a party this afternoon - a 25th anniversary party at Skip and Joanne's. Nice day for it.
See Ya Bye

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