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Monday, August 4, 2008

Cinamon Buns - YUM YUM

Well look what I ate last nite - yes Joan is in and baked her buns on the second day - what took her so long? It is the only recipe that I DON'T want because I would probably look like a house if I did. They were good as usual and there were left overs that we ate this morning for breakfast (at least I did) Gave me a big rush for my run.
Tonite we go to visit Gerry and Cheryl's to see the progress of their cabin - pine on the walls - should be good.
Nice day AGAIN today - that's three days in a row - I even had to water my garden and plants. No rain - usually it rains every other day but not recently. A nice breeze and it was great sitting on the dock.
Just a short one today - more tomorrow.
See Ya Bye

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