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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Bit Of This - A Little Bit Of That

Well it finally happened - I baked a pie - actually over 60!!! The Ladies of Wharncliffe are taking orders for baking and yesterday I baked from 9 am until 5 o'clock!! These weren't fruit pies - they were meat pies - YUM YUM. We make hamburger pie (delicious), chicken, turkey and roast beef pies. I cut up the beef and turkey into small pieces (taking care not to include the grisel or bones) then each type is mixed with shredded carrots, onions, garlic in a broth or gravy and simmered - then I ladled it into the pie plates (Phyllis made the dough) then I helped fold over the dough and seal it - with my long nails it made a nice pattern in the dough. We baked at Cheryl's house and Debbie, Vickie, Phyllis and myself did all the grunt work - then we had four ovens going all over Wharncliffe - I had deliver the uncooked pies and pick up the cooked one - it was quite the production. I bought two hamburger pies to take home for dinner and they were delicious - nothing like eating your own creation. Today I am baking 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies for the bake sale in Thessalon on Friday - our last one at the Trading Post on Saturday (it rained!!!) we made over $200 and some people actually bought my peanut butter and chocolate squares!!! I was so happy!!! We have to make $$ somewhere since the hall is still off limits and we don't have enough $$ to pay the bills through the winter.
We are finally getting veggies from the garden - the tomatoes are just starting and the cukes are still slow - no heat up here this year so they are not doing too good.
I AM IN!!! I finally registered for the Detroit Freepress Marathon - it will be the first one I run altho I am thinking it will be a run/walk - but there is nothing wrong with that - and Stacey is going to run it with me - she registered also - she is doing another 50 mile run the day after Steve's wedding in September!! Her training includes a 30 mile run one day and a 20 mike run the next - UGH - I can feel her pain but I can understand the drive - I have felt the "zone" a few times since I started running but when I walked, and in the zone, you feel as tho you can go on forever. I feel better running now than I do walking. And I sweat!!! Stacey always said that you have to sweat in order for it to be a good workout. That being said my workouts must be great!!
Work is being done hot and heavy on the addition - now the real work begins. Rejean even let me cut the strapping and 2 x 4s on the mitre saw for him. He would call out the measurements, I would repeat it just in case I heard wrong, pick the piece out of the pile, measure with MY tape measure, mark it with the pencil and make the cut. I then handed it back to him repeating the measurement and he drilled it into place. See, I can do more than just sweep. He is finishing the wiring while I put the insulation up etc etc etc.
That's it for now - I have to get baking - just call me Betty...
See Ya Bye

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