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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Knew???

Ok - I admit it - kids can be fun. For a girl with no apparent maternal instincts I am doing just fine entertaining and being entertained by these kids. Right now Gavin, Melina and Jake are up with their parents and grandparents and I am actually enjoying them - how cute are they??? Melina is just a sweetheart and Gavin is a real trouper. I hide shiny rocks for them to find and they are thrilled to death with them. Follow the leader was never this much fun before. Gavin is about 4 and Melina is 2 1/2 and Jake is about 1. They got to stay up late the other nite for their first campfire - all bundled up in a blanket. And they got to eat popcorn for the first time!! Under the watchful eye of all us grownups. They enjoyed their boat ride but Gavin was worried that the boat was going to tip - Melina just sat there and enjoyed it. Jake spends a lot of time in his playpen. Just entertaining himself. They should make playpens for adults.
Last nite we enjoyed the fish we caught the other day - was it good. Fish and chips!! The kids enjoyed it as well. It has been a long time since Eboni had a good feed of fish and she did last nite.
Rick, Rejean, Andy and I went golfing yesterday and we had a blast - Rejean got 49!!! I won't say what I got but I had an excellant putt on the last hole I was proud of.
Today the rest of the crew arrives - Mrs Pomerleau, Anne, Lise, Joel, Sara and her friend and Daniel. Altogether there will be 16 of us - another reason to drink beer!!! But I am ready for them all - all the beds are ready, a macaroni salad is made, the hamburgers and buns are ready and they are bringing C O R N ! ! ! Let the fun begin.
I'll take lots of pictures to keep you up to date with all the goings on - should be interesting!!
See Ya Bye

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