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Thursday, September 24, 2009


What day is it today? Oh ya, Thursday. They are running into each other this month. It has been busy. And the leaves are changing fast up here. But I hear that it is only along this stretch of highway 129. We were in Thessalon today to give blood (another story) and the leaves just aren't as vibrant as up here. The reds, oranges and a bit of yellows are just beautiful and I saw a small oak tree that had a red color (they are usually brown and the last to fall - I see furniture when I look at oak trees) It seems that everyday there are more colors out. It is strange to be able to see them from start to finish. I like it.
We started filling up the wood sheds today. I got mine filled. Jenn and Steve were able to help with a couple of loads before they headed off home. Thanks for the help. Tomorrow we will fill Rejean's up and start chopping the kindling up - my job. I haven't lost a finger or hand yet. Close, but no cigar;) I was careful to wear my fleece carrying the wood so as not to scratch up my forearms. When you give blood they inspect your arms for marks - they say it is so the disinfectant they use won't cause a rash or something. Last time I had a small mark on my right arm so they couldn't use that arm and they couldn't find a vein in my left arm so I couldn't donate - I have O RH NEG so they reeeeealy like my blood - it can be used on everyone so they like to see me. And sometimes my iron level is low so I can't donate. It is hit and miss with me. Today the nurse had to keep jiggling the needle in my vein so that the blood would flow in a steady stream - it didn't hurt but I don't watch. It took 13 minutes to fill the bag. It only took Rejean 5 minutes!!! And I drank a couple of bottles of water so that I would go fast - not this time. AND I would like to announce that today was Rejean's 40th time giving blood - way to go!!! I have given 28 times - on my way to 50 where I think they invite you to a dinner to show their appreciation. I like the free cookies and juice they give you when you are done. And it is all home made stuff up here and these ladies can bake. And you know how much I like free food. If you don't give blood now, please consider doing it - you never know when you might need a transfusion and if there is a get the picture.
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