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Saturday, September 5, 2009


We had company this past week - Barry and Sandy and Ed. Barry and Ed are Rejean's hunting buddies and they were up doing some maintenance on the trails for the deer hunt this November. Sandy and I just took off and enjoyed ourselves. We 4 wheeled and fished the river - I lost a nice pike - it bit through my line. We also went to Pig Pen and enjoyed the company of two little crayfish in a puddle. The guys got their work done and managed to get in a day of fishing and a day on the river in our kayaks - Rejean and Ed just watched. AND they picked the nicest week of the summer - at least 6 days without R A I N ! ! ! A good time was had by all.
But as much as you enjoy company it is nice when it is just the two of you. I was supposed to go on a 10K walk from from the Trading Post home but I cancelled and cleaned my house - it is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so I will head off at about 9 and get my walk in. The marathon is not that far away.
We also took a walk on the mine side and came across some wolf tracks in the mud - and they weren't that small. My friend Vickie's daughter was on a bike and 3 wolves surrounded her. She quickly rode away but that was just down the road in Whancliffe!! And the bears are out in force right now. They have been sighted everywhere. Rejean took Gerry's 4 wheeler to Blind River with him and they had to swerve to avoid a bear crossing 17 and they also saw one on 546. I feel safe tho. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. And I know what to do if I come across one on my walks. Don't run away just stay put and try to appear bigger than you are and yell at them - they should get the message and run away - SHOULD being the operative word there. But I am not afraid.
It is a beautiful day out there - my work is done - I'll be taking my shower soon and then getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. Cocktail time too.
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Anonymous said...

i know you are not afraid-but take some bear spray just in case one does try to get closer or a wolf appears out of nowhere-just be safe-sistersue