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Saturday, September 26, 2009


After my morning chore of helping Rejean blow the pine needles (sorry Rick, we couldn't wait but there will be lots for you) we took off hunting. The first day of bird season was September 15th but we were in Windsor - and besides, you don't want to be in the bush for opening day. It was overcast and cool and off we went. We had our blaze orange vests on and our guns in the holders. We choose a road nearby - I got to lead and I had the first shot if we saw one. Thanks Rejean - you get it next. We saw not 1 bird!!! But it was a nice afternoon. We saw a brand new beaver hut and pond - fresh!! There were trees all over the road - big trees too. This must be one big beaver. And I got some nice color pictures of the leaves - yes everyday they are getting nicer and nicer. Nice reds and oranges. Everywhere you look. I like it.

AND I just want to thank Jenn and Steve again, for training the squirrel and chip monk to eat out of your hand. They arrived Saturday and we arrived Sunday and in that one day she had them all trained!! Now that they are gone, the squirrels run up to me and when they don't get a peanut, they are puzzled and stand there and look cute so I have to give them a nut. And the chip monk - I still give him nuts and tell him not to tell the squirrels - as if.

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Stacey said...

You've almost got your own zoo! lol

Anonymous said...

Pretty much