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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The pictures are in reverse order of what they should be but use your imagination. First there was the front yard party all set up and waiting for the parade of runners to go by. We weren't disappointed - the police escort had their lights flashing and a car had tunes blaring out over the loud speakers. Andrew ran out to give Stacey a Popsicle she had been craving. We managed to make our way to the Verdi Club for the finish and Stacey had that smile on - imagine running 100K and still being able to smile AND WALK. But she hurt her foot during a stretch break and, except for that, she would have been in great shape at the finish. She grabbed a dish of the pasta and salad and then went for her massage. Still smiling. When she got home she ate some of the left over pizza, showered and then relaxed with her "family" Satch the killer cat and Sadie the ever faithful golden retriever and, of course, Andrew who I cut in half in the picture. Rejean and I were in awe of her accomplishment.
It is amazing what you can get your body to do with the right training. Andrew has signed up for an Iron Man next year. I will say here and now that I will "Try a Tri" also next year on St Joseph's Island. I am encouraged by Stacey's run and also by Jody running in the Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco with Stacey next month. What about you???? What will your goal be? Set your sights on something attainable and JUST DO IT!!!
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