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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Our friends on the other lake were baiting for bear. It is the way some people hunt bear up here. He had been sitting on the bait but had no luck - well, his wife was cooking a roast and a big black bear was right at her front door smelling thru the screen door. Someone just happened to be driving by and noticed the bear and managed to notify the occupants. He managed to get his gun and shoot the bear just yards from his front door. Now that doesn't happen very often. We were invited over for a wild game dinner (just an excuse to eat the bear with friends). I brought over some "wild" shrimp I had in my freezer. It was delicious - there was bear, venison, fish, moose etc. And it was even more enjoyable because we all sat around the camp fire afterwards just relaxing, laughing and drinking. It doesn't get any better than that!! (well, maybe it does ;o)
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