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Friday, December 31, 2010


I have made a few resolutions that I will keep to myself but last year I did let a few things slip - but not this year. One of the things I will do is another marathon - this was the first year in 7 that I did not do one and I am not too happy about it. Hopefully my toe will co-operate.
We are spending New Year's Eve in London with Stacey and Andrew but I don't know how late I will be up - after all the work we did today, I may not last. But I never do. But I will stay awake to see the New Year in. I have my Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita at my fingertips. Wish me luck. But we are going out to a local pub where Andrew is going to order a bottle of beer that costs $140!!! It is some awfully high proof and he needs help so I will document this adventure for tomorrow's blog - should be interesting!! We WILL be walking so don't worry.
See Ya Bye

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